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How to upload a subtitle

How to uplod a subtitle step by step

Method 1

Step 1

First, find the movie you want to watch, play it and stop it to make it to charge.

mad max exmple


Step 2

Then find a good website for download your subtitle. There are many websites, just search it in google by the name of the movie and the language. I can recomend you subtitles4free.net or if you speak spanish search in argenteam.net almost all the subtitles match. Download any subtitle.

Then you will have a .rar archive, just extract the subtitle.

search the subtitle

download the subtitle


Step 3

Now when you have the subtitle, return to the movie and upload it throw the player, select the option of “load srt from pc” and select the subtitle from your files. Just like in the images.

upload the subtitle

select the subtitle



Now you have the subtitle uploaded!!!!!

look the subtitle


Method 2

Its the same as Method 1 but instead of charge the subtitle from your pc, you can charge it from the url, but it doest always work.


Step 1
Once you have located the subtitle, look for the download link, make second click and select “copy link address”.

Notice: you need the direck link to the .srt file, the link of a .rar file will not work.


copy subtitle


Step 2

Return to the movie and in the player choose the option of “load srt from url” then just paste the url you just have copied.



Now you have the subtitle uploaded!!!

subtitle uploaded


Now enjoy your movie!!!!!!

ejoy the movie


Note: Sometimes the subtitles not match with the movie, so you have to check it.